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Aegis-like wrappers to p4


The purpose of these wrappers is to implement a particular development process on top of the generic p4 services. This process is an adaptation of the process enforced by aegis. Aegis is a free software available on the net, and is much more robust and complete then this set of wrappers. If you develop on UNIX platforms and you can use NFS to link the developer's workstations, you should probably use aegis. A deliberate design choice made when implementing these wrappers was not to attempt any form of co-existance with other practices. This allowed the wrappers to rely on a particular structuring of the depot, thereby allowing better protection schemes and higher-level baviour. As a result, the wrappers completely replace the built-in p4 interface, with a few notable exceptions which will be listed below.

The wrappers are implemented in perl and as such are rather portable. However, they invoke a few external programs (such as cp, rm and mkdir). While the access to these programs is isolated, it is not exactly trivial to port the system to DOS, for example. However, you can obtain all the necessary programs (including a shell) as free software from GNU project or as commercial software (from MKS, for example).


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