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Java Server Pages Web Application

About This Project


Source and WAR for the Perforce JSP, a Java API based web interface to Perforce. This package includes all the pages required for a basic web application.

This application allows multiple users to access the perforce using the same web application using their own credentials. This makes it easy to add pages that implement other perforce functions and have them execute using appropriate authorization. An example would be a page that handled integrations from branch to another at the click of one button or link.


David Markley. Please email if you have submitted contributions you'd like published, if you have ideas for enhancement, or if you have preferences among the potential enhancements listed below.

Getting Started

In order to get the web application up, you will need to have set up a JSP engine (web server). These pages have been tested only with Tomcat 4.0, but should work with any JSP engine that supports WAR files. The steps to follow once your JSP engine is in place are:

  • Download the p4jsp.conf file into your /etc directory.
  • Modify the p4jsp.conf file to work at your location.
  • Download the p4jsp.war file into your JSP engines wep application directory.
  • Make your JSP engine pick up the new WAR file (i.e. restart Tomcat).

With all this completed, you should be able to access the web application through your JSP engine under the /p4jsp directory. For tomcat, this is typically something like: http://localhost:8080/p4jsp. Each user will need to log in using their perforce username and password.

Project Updates

Date Update
May 22, 2002 Initial publication of the Perforce JSP web application.
September 5, 2002 Use this script when you're creating new files,or integrating to a new branch, and the directory name you're writing the new file to isn't the same case as an existing directory name.

For example, without using this script, if /depot/x/y/z.c exists, by default you won't be able to create a file named /depot/X/Y/one.c.

October 4, 2002
  • Removed all use of the common tag library.
  • Removed specific inclusion of the crimson API.