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About This Project


Source, documentation, and JAR for the Perforce Java Reviewer, a Java API-based extensible perforce server changelist reviewer. The package provide a Reviewer class and a ChangeListener interface. The Reviewer class monitors changes submitted to the perforce server and calls the appropriate ChangeListener implementation. A default mailer implementation is included.


David Markley. Please email if you have submitted contributions you'd like published, if you have ideas for enhancement, or if you have preferences among the potential enhancements listed below.

Getting Started

The default action taken on each changelist is to send e-mail to those users who's Reviews specification matches the current change. The e-mail sent out will contain both a text-only and HTML version of the information. This has been very useful for including links to additional information. The format of the message can be modified in the configuration file.

To run the reviewer you must have the [JavaMail] and [Activation] packages from Sun. When you have downloaded them, make sure mail.jar, activation.jar, and p4.jar (from the Perforce Java API) are in the same directory as the reviewer.jar

You will need to create a counter that the reviewer will use to monitor changes submitted to the perforce server. The default name the reviewer will use is 'review'. Make sure that the value of this counter is set to the current value of the 'change' counter. If you do not do this, be prepared to face angry users when they receive e-mail for every change in your server! To create and set the counter, you should execute the following steps:

% p4 counters
change = 1669
job = 21
journal = 46
% p4 counter review 1669
Counter review set.
% p4 counters
change = 1669
job = 21
journal = 46
review = 1669

Notice that the value for the 'change' counter is used to set the 'review' counter.

Before running the reviewer, you will need to modify its configuration file. That file contains documenation on the each of the parameters that can be specified. Save the file to /etc and modify it to fit your local environment.

As part of the reviwer.jar file, this application can be started on the command line with Java 1.2 or better using the format:

   java -jar reviewer.jar /etc/reviewer.conf & 

The configuration file is the only argument accepted on the command line. This file specifies the Perforce environment and how each changelist is handled.

Source Files

Click here to access source files by David Markley.

JAR File

Click here for the Java Archive File (JAR File).

API Documentation

Click here for Package com.perforce.reviewer Documentation.

P4Package Project

Click here for the P4Package Java API Project.


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Project Updates

Date Update
April 23, 2002 Initial publication of the Java Reviewer.
August 12, 2002
  • Added support for jobs fixed.
  • Corrected problems with missing formats in the configuration file.