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The Perforce Workshop is maintained by Perforce Software to support our community and open source developers at large in building and sharing tools using Perforce.

You will find several Perforce-initiated open source projects here, including Jam, a fully portable alternative to make(1), as well as source code for some Perforce products such as P4Perl, P4Ant, and the classic Perforce client P4Win.

You are welcome to contribute to any of the software or documentation in the Perforce Workshop. If you're simply interested in seeing how Perforce works, you'll find the Workshop to be an accessible model of real, distributed, concurrent source management in action.

About Perforce

Perforce provides a code collaboration platform that can be used to track shared software development with distributed teams. A Perforce server stores files in a depot, and developers all over the world can submit changes to the depot. The orderly management of file changes and merges is provided by the Perforce Version Management and Collaboration system.


Join the Perforce Workshop!

If you want to contribute, comment, or just follow your favorite projects, sign up at https://swarm.workshop.perforce.com/signup

Please do not download software from this site unless you have read the statement below and agree to it:

DISCLAIMER OF WARRANTY: For any and all software downloaded from the Perforce Workshop: Perforce Software, Inc. disclaims all warranties, either express or implied, including but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.